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Demo Movies

The following is a list of demonstration movies designed as teaching aids and to support frequently asked questions and highlight new features within ERACS.
(The demos require Flash Player 7 or higher to be installed and are best viewed on a screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher)

ERACS Release Demos

3.9.7 (Jul 2016) - What's new in this release
3.9.0 (Feb 2010) - What's new in this release
3.8.0 (Feb 2009) - What's new in this release
3.7.2 (Jan 2008) - What's new in this release
3.7.1 (Nov 2007) - What's new in this release
3.7.0 (Jun 2007) - What's new in this release
3.6.1 (Dec 2006) - What's new in this release
3.6.0 (Jun 2006) - What's new in this release
3.5.1 (Dec 2005) - What's new in this release
3.5.0 (Jun 2005) - What's new in this release
3.4.2 (Jan 2005) - What's new in this release
3.4.1 (Oct 2004) - What's new in this release
3.4.0 (Jun 2004) - What's new in this release
3.3.1 (Dec 2003) - What's new in this release

Other Demos

Exporting to PDF, SVG, HTML and XML
Introducing User-Defined Fields
Setting up ERACS (multi-user version)
Setting up ERACS (single-user version)
Introducing ERACS Properties
Customising Arc Flash Hazard Warning Labels
Cable Withstand Characteristics
Measured voltage distortion symbols for busbars
Mechanical load symbols for induction machines
Introducing the Arc Flash Hazard Assessment
Renaming the currently open database
Determining synchronous machines with AVRs or Governors attached
Transient motor starting methods
ERACS overview
Opening Loadflow results in a spreadsheet
Importing/exporting measured voltage distortion library data
Introducing the Copy Library Keys Wizard
Introducing the new library key copy facility
Introducing the Acquire Library Data Wizard
Tracing a protection, transient stability or harmonic impedance graph
Introducing the Web Access Toolbar
Improvements to the protection discrimination box
General improvements to the protection curves form
Introducing the protection toolbar
Editing protection settings with ease
Styling curves for a monochrome printer
Organising the selection of protection devices
Controlling which items are snapped-to-grid
Plotting discrimination margins on protection graphs
Toggling a group of switches
Selecting whether study results should be saved
Introducing the toolbar added to element and library data entry forms
Deleting study results and not study setups
Viewing results for AVR and Governor simulations
Displaying and setting network voltage levels
Using the USB security key option
Introducing the Protection Analyser
Saving network diagrams in various graphical formats
Plotting multiple harmonic waveforms
Associating documents with individual elements
Running a Protection Stability check
Defining voltage ranges and colours
Viewing demos from the Release Note Viewer
Identifying protection devices whose status has been set to off
Introducing G5/4
Sending a zip archive to Edif ERA
Making text transparent
Rotating text
Viewing harmonic results graphically
Selecting non-operating relays for inclusion in co-ordination plots
Transformer de-rating factors
Adjusting the thickness of a busbar
Attaching protection devices to bus sections
Identifying directional protection relays
TIF weighting factors
Using the post-protection control panel
Setting up the ERACS security key
Disabling last opened networks
Copying ERACS bitmaps into Word
Switching auto tap changers on in Loadflow
Print options
Setting up a study in Transient Stability