Harmonic Module

Inheritance diagram of Harmonic

This module contains base classes which Harmonic Impedance and Harmonic Injection modules inherit from in order to share some common functionality. The main piece of shared functionality is the impedance profile data which is shared between both. The harmonic low-level class references the necessary TEracsHarmonic.LoadImpedanceProfileData() procedure exposed by the Impedance and Injection DLLs, which the high-level class subsequently calls after setting up the calculation.

class TEracsHarmonic

Low-level base class for ERACS Harmonic related modules.


Calculations.TEracsModuleLoadflowDependent - This module is dependent on Loadflow.


Pass in the impedance profile for a grid or shunt element.


AData (TImpedanceProfileData) – The data object to pass into the DLL procedure.


None, nothing is returned.

class TEracsHarmonicEasy

The easy way of running a harmonic related study (Impedance or Injection). This base class provides common functionality shared by all harmonic related modules, such as loading impedance profile data.


EasyLoadflowDependent.TEracsEasyLoadflowDependent - All Loadflow-dependent easy calculation modules should inherit from this class.